is a nonprofit organization and a source of guidance for those who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Created by Dr. Marisa Weiss, this online website has reached millions of people across the globe and provides up-to-date medical information so that women and families can make sense of this complex disease. In addition, works hard to communicate risk factors and works with reputable organizations to research what can contribute to a breast cancer diagnosis.

USLI’s partnership with began many years ago to bring breast cancer education and awareness to as many people as possible.

In 2019 alone, it’s expected that 268,600 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s also an astounding statistic that 85 percent of these women will have no family history of breast cancer. So what can we do?

We can work together to promote’s mission of making sure women and their families have access to a supportive community and medical information that will assist them in making the right choices for their futures. With the help of our employees, customers, vendors, family, friends and the general public, we know we can make a difference.